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semi-hiatus due to school;; online weekends and casual updates on weekdays (s hit) Shannee. If we multiply happiness by twelve and divide the sadness by twelve then we can face everything together. jongin and jongdae

ASFLDGKRLGTRIYHIT. Exo merchandiseeeeee. This is a late post… but oh well. Hehe don’t mind my mess. or my yellow awkward arms LOL. It’s a little blurry too. Not much of a photographer 0.0

Anyways, I love them :D the crewneck and the green crescent shirt was from ReplayReplayShop while the RLAB was from hellaheadbomb. It was all made from Spreadshirt. The designs are nice and the material is totally comfortable. I shall order more *-*/

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    I.NEED.THOSE. D: Trololololilololilkddjdhdjdj XD Keep calm and roll like a buffalo~ :DD
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    Hooray! Thanks for buying from the shop~ :3
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