I'm falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet...


semi-hiatus due to school;; online weekends and casual updates on weekdays (s hit) Shannee. If we multiply happiness by twelve and divide the sadness by twelve then we can face everything together. jongin and jongdae
2014.08.18 Die Jungs Polaroid - 엑소-K
I BELIEVE IN YOU SHAN but wow really the fact that they're hitting you with work everyday already is concerning ;-; Are you doing AP? I start college Aug 27, which is Wednesday. I ONLY HAVE CLASSES MON TO THURS AND I'M FULL TIME. I get three day weekends hghghgg. look forward to this when you start college. and omg little tadpoles i snorted.

IM GLAD ONE OF US BELIEVES IN ME HAHAHAhahaa…ha. yeah I’m taking three ap classes (and español dos eeeh) omggggg omg I can’t TTT Are you nervous? yeah people say the first year is the hardest just because you’re not used to it. but I’m sure you’ll be fine. just wait, later on you get like four days off like my sister. ITS TRUE THO they are teeny tadpoles that are happy they’re in the big pond but JUST WAIT. THE SHARKS ARE COMIGN


25/∞ black&white edits of my bias


25/ black&white edits of my bias